The Hermit Project at Fort Mason Center / by Tessa Wills

Performance installation 10-730PM Tuesday 7th until Friday the 10th of June. FREE

'The Hermit Project at Fort Mason' is a FREE participatory arts performance by Tessa Wills at the festival 'THIS IS WHAT I WANT 2016'. This performance is part of a The Hermit Project, a multi year investigation into solitude and private performances as a political force, a social strategy, a place of privilidge, a process that needs resources, a place to be individual. 
The Hermit Project at Fort Mason is a four day durational participatory piece by festival artistic director Tessa Wills, and some very charming Hermit Hosts. With you, we guess we will become an Observance (collective) of Hermits. Come play in a salt cave, and watch Wills perform as an ornamental Hermit for 9 hours a day. In our connected world, does spending time alone fertilize your relationship with solitude? How are you faring in a culture that worships the individual yet fears alienation? Wills acts as a solitary person who sets off the landscape. 

Experience your own aesthetic of genuine constructive aloneness through this unique art theatre experience by internationally acclaimed solo experimental artist Tessa Wills.

Choreographic coaching by Sara Shelton Mann.

Tessa Wills creates experiments in live performance which activate individuals and subcultural communities. Leveraging the distance provided by theatre as a behaviour form, she excavates moments of humanity for the audience to reflect and connect to. She often integrates eroticism to charge the bodies of work which happen primarily on stage and video. Wills is also the artistic director and producer of THIS IS WHAT I WANT

The Hermit Project

Studio 308 Building A Fort Mason Center for The Arts

Performance installation 10AM-7:30PM Tuesday 7th until Friday the 10th of June 2016. FREE