Solitude is not for the unprepared.

Want some support, accountability, or inspiration for your Hermit Practice? Perhaps you intuitively know that developing your interior worlds would be super beneficial to you at this moment in your life to support resilience and are ready for one to one personalised support. The first step is to signup for a 20 minute chat. In that conversation you can find out more to make sure it's a good fit.

The format is designed by and around your needs during our first meeting. In that time, we identify your theme and practice. You decide how often you want to practice, and we will check in once a week for about six weeks until the practice is established. 

The Hermit Project has an emphasis on performance and expression. What you may do is research or write, doing processes that ultimately lead to a private performance outside, or inside. Or you may develop a personal arts practice. It may also look like structured time to rest, or a series of small tasks to be performed in public. At its heart, The Hermit Project supports you in making space for your practice.

Wills has years of experience in The Hermit Project, holding space, and finding resources. This is ultimately a personal journey, where you will rely on yourself.

You will research and be offered resources, and have access to the online Hermit Project community.

Your process may create Hermit Relics, traces of performances or activities. While Wills suggests that you do not ever document what you are doing, you can document its traces, and submit them for inclusion in the body of work that is The Hermit Project relics.

The Hermit Project is paid for by donation at the end of the project.

(Wills accepts no donations if you have come to work on white fragility).

To set up your consult session, email Wills at