Spring Hermit Practice Course


A four week course to support your Hermit Practice

This course is designed as a framework to support you develop and specify your creative Hermit practice. This is a space for reformulation of retreat with tactics of hermitude. Reckoning with the underlying question of how to positively utilize the impact on our lives of the new administration, particularly as it relates to our interior worlds through aesthetics. A social-thinking performative-resting non-demanding-kinda hybrid space to focus on resilience through creativity in response to the current sociopolitical climate. Cultivate your creative energy and discern who it belongs to and where to send it. Hermit Practice is an process that guards against erasure of your creative practice, and fertilizes private dream worlds as part of an arsenal of resistance. In times when we must take specific action to survive, fiercely resource your creative practice as part of your incredible response to this incredible regime. Hermit practice cultivates creative practice is a part of your suite of activities for resilience and resistance, to support transformation into something uncatchable, unfathomable, wild, personal and interpersonal. This is how you bring glitter to a knife fight. Maybe this is how you confound the game.

This course will be in the format of two calls, on the 1st of February at 8AM (PST), and the 22nd of February at 8AM (PST), and four weekly scores/prompts to support your Hermit Practice, plus access to the hermit project community. We will delve into questions about what nourishing creative practice is, what privacy is, what performance is, and where internal witnesses affect your practice. This is a space to practice solo and feel connected and witnessed in your process. Signup here NOTAFLOF. This is a small scale project for no more than ten people, anywhere in the world.